Small Talk

Small Talk

Jamie d’Antioc


Small Talk is an amusing collection of phrases, exclamations and inadvertent one-liners spoken by the author’s children. The creative charm, unexpected wit and exuberance for life of children all come to the fore in this large format book. The quotations are accompanied by original paintings from established artists that serve to illustrate and enhance the children’s words.

Examples of the quotations include:

  • ‘Reid once proclaimed, “Coffee wakes you up. That’s why you have it at night Papa, so you wake up in the morning.”’
  • ‘I was telling Roy off for eating too many sweets, to which he replied, “But you didn’t tell me when to stop.”’
  • ‘Lily, at 4 years old said, “If you don’t eat, a spider’s web will grow in your bottom.”’
  • ‘Romana said to me, “I know how the cow makes milk, she steals it at night from the fridge.”’

Small Talk celebrates the joyful naivety and vibrant imagination shared by all children, and as such will delight readers of any age.

The book has been printed to a very high standard as a limited edition, garnering praise from many of the readers at Arcadian Lifestyle and beyond.


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