Official Recruitment Guide

Official Recruitment Guide

by James Bode Eden

ORG Front Cover



Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 505

ISBN: 9780982563786

Price: £14.99




About Official Recruitment Guide

Finding a job that is the perfect fit and colleagues with whom we get along is incredibly important, and we all have our fair share of horror stories: nightmare bosses, irascible workmates, pokey office blocks. However, what about things from the employer’s point of view? It is just as important to hire a suitable employee as it is to take up a suitable job. What happens when things go wrong? When employees are too inexperienced, too old, too young, even too drunk to do their jobs properly? Official Recruitment Guide is a collection of short stories based on just such events. Written from the point of view of the employer, some are funny, some sad and some thought provoking. All of them are based on true events and all offer advice, in the form of principles, warnings and an index for reference, to tackle what can be a baffling world.

About James Bode Eden

During his career, James Bode Eden has been responsible for hiring more than 2000 employees around the world, covering the U.S., Europe, the Near East and Asia. From accountants to company presidents he has hired, Mr Eden has developed his understanding of the business world through over 30 years of interaction with his employees. Now retired, he devotes much of his time to writing. Official Recruitment Guide is the first of two books devoted to the rigors of hiring and firing, told from the employer’s perspective.


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