Neighbours’ Nonsense

Neighbours’ Nonsense

by Bradley Jamieson

Neighbours Nonsense Cover


Published: 1 December 2015

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 858

ISBN: 9781941634226

Price: £14.99



About Neighbours’ Nonsense

In his remarkable life on the road and in the many places he has called home, the author has encountered a truly exceptional series of strange, hilarious and downright nonsensical neighbours. From the fields of Sussex to the marketplaces of Yemen, from Brooklyn Heights to the centre of Paris, from pig farms to private jets, he chronicles two hundred of his memories in this entertaining anthology.

From horse-riding in Normandy to tea in an Egyptian palace, from buying antiques in Paris to hunting bears in Louisiana; he meets chemistry teachers and royalty, pastry-makers and daffodil farmers, Dutch drivers, Scottish priests and Swiss mountaineers. In the end, each of the two hundred stories is more surprising than the next.

About Bradley Jamieson

Bradley Jamieson, writer, traveller and family man, has lived on four continents and travelled to two hundred countries in his varied international career. He now lives in England and devotes the majority of his time to writing.


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