Four Lives

Four Lives

by Jamie d’Antioc

4Lives Cover



Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 510

ISBN: 9780988519626

Price: £14.99




About Four Lives

A fascinating and inspirational mixture of psychology, philosophy and simple, practical advice, Four Lives introduces readers from all walks of life to a brand new lifestyle. One based on the premise that the true measure of a life is one that is lived pleasurably – that is, one that is lived fully and enjoyably. In this respect, Four Lives – based on the extraordinary personal experiences and thoughts of the author – is a course of action and way of being that promises to quadruple the span of real life, allowing the reader to effectively enjoy four lives. Lives filled with adventure, potential, daring and the refusal to succumb to the mere rut of existence. This book is a revolutionary guide to life lived as a work of art.

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc has lived, worked and travelled all over the world in various capacities, including banker, oil-man, father, and art-collector. The intensity of his schedule and variety of his experiences inspired him to develop his own time-saving philosophy: Four Lives. He is the author of novels about subjects as wide-ranging as the oil-industry, Paris and the award-winning God’s Cook Book, a richly-illustrated collection of recipes based on religious texts. He now devotes his time to writing.


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