Misery of the Billionaires

Misery of the Billionaires

by Sean Highporte

Misery of the Billionaires Cover


About Misery of the Billionaires

What makes people happy? The question has puzzled thinkers for millennia, from Greek sages to New York quacks. Modern society increasingly seems to equate happiness with material gain. The contemporary billionaire is, in this respect, seen as the epitome of achievement and, thus, happiness. But is this right? In a series of amusing and revealing stories, based on the author’s own experiences, Misery of the Billionaires explodes this myth, exposing the insecurities, paranoia and unhappiness that accompany elevated levels of wealth.

About Sean Highporte

For nearly thirty years, Sean Highporte was a portfolio manager with one of the biggest banks in the world. He had over five hundred clients during this time, based in seventy different countries, three hundred of whom were billionaires. He is now retired and lives between London and Geneva with his six children.