Collage, Volume VI

Collage, Volume VI

by Jamie d’Antioc

 Collage VI Cover


Published: 1 December 2015

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 426

ISBN: 9781941634042

Price: £14.99




About Collage, Volume VI

If a collage is a collection of images, united to form an aesthetically pleasing whole; then this book is the verbal equivalent – a collection of its author’s stories, observations and memories, gathered over the course of an international career, a family-life lived in over half a dozen countries, and encounters and friendships with many thousands of people. Although the subjects and styles of these anecdotes are varied, as a whole, they form a fascinating picture of the life of a truly Renaissance man; whose career has encompassed banking, oil, and writing; and whose interests include art, literature, sport, gastronomy, history, travel, and the study of human nature. Jamie d’Antioc’s experiences are here laid out for all to share in this comprehensive compendium, in which, with such variety on offer, there is surely something to appeal to every reader. The stories are, moreover, helpfully grouped by category. If you are interested in money, see the Make a Million series. If you prefer love to lucre, then turn to tales of Wooing. If you want to know more about the world, see the Travel stories; or if your interest is more in the world’s inhabitants, then see the Character Profiles. These are stories for all ages, to share with friends, parents, and children at bed-time. To paraphrase the well-known simile, Collage is like a box of chocolates, and there is something for every taste.

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc has lived, worked and travelled all over the world in various capacities, including banker, oil-man, father, and art-collector. He is also affiliated with various NGOs, and is an advisor to several universities. Jamie d’Antioc is the author of a historical novel set in the Levant; a novel about the influence a Sufi sage exerts upon her grandson’s life; the philosophical tract Four Lives; the award-winning God’s Cookbook, a collection of recipes based on religious texts; and five previous Collage volumes. He now devotes the majority of his time to writing and lives between London and Geneva with his children.


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