The Student

The Student

by Jamie d’Antioc

In New Jersey in the late 1960s, Jason Portland’s life seems to be running perfectly to plan. He has a prestigious job working at the forefront of pioneering technology, and the perfect girlfriend in the form of the girl next door, Bonnie-Brooke. But when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises to study under a world-renowned professor at the London School of Economics, Jason decides to put his future with Bonnie-Brooke on hold and pursue his doctorate degree in London.

Leaving behind the quiet comfort of the New Jersey suburbs, Jason ventures into the frosty climate of 1970s London. But can Jason get past the chill of English manners and make a home for himself in a country still scarred by the Second World War? With political change on the horizon and the intellectual beauty, Louise, at his side, Jason can’t help but be pulled into the growing debates dividing the country and the increasing rift between rich and the poor. From trying to find a decent cup of coffee to understanding the financial world of the City of London, Jason faces challenges both large and small as he searches for his place as an outsider in Britain.

Set against a familiar backdrop of tea at the Ritz and shopping on Oxford street, Jason provides a fresh pair of eyes on these quintessentially English diversions. Amusing and educational, The Student spans several decades as Jason takes an unflinching look at English society in the latter half of the twentieth century and learns what it is to experience love and loss in the heart of Britain.

Jamie d’Antioc has lived in UK on and off for over forty years, working in various capacities presiding over several banks as well as being involved in substantial charity work worldwide and directorships of several universities, including the London School of Economics. Jamie d’Antioc is the author of a historical adventure novel set in the Levant; a novel about the influence a Sufi sage exerts upon her grandson’s life; the philosophical tract Four Lives; the award-winning God’s Cookbook; and seven Collage volumes. He now devotes the majority of his time to writing, and lives between London and Geneva with his children.