The Royals in Paris

The Royals in Paris

by Jeremie Redevance

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Published: 1 December 2014

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 509

ISBN: 9781941634004

Price: £14.99




About The Royals in Paris

Looking for a new start, young British banker Jay Emerson moves to Paris in order to do business with the deposed international royals who have  made a new home in France’s capital city. Over the course of the novel, as he is thrust into their glittering world of endless parties, he encounters an array of eccentric characters, from spoilt Middle Eastern princes to directionless dukes and duchesses. As his ambitious banking strategies develop, he finds these former members of the aristocracy are starting to infiltrate both his professional and personal life.

About Jeremie Redevance

Jeremie Redevance lived in Paris for twenty years, and much of The Royals in Paris is inspired by the wealth of extraordinary characters he encountered during that time. After retiring from his family business, Redevance decided to dedicate himself to writing. He now lives in Geneva with his six children.


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