Sandra Timberland

Sandra Timberland

by James Wealden

 Sandra Timberland Cover

Published: 1 December 2015

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 495

ISBN: 9781941634202

Price: £14.99




About Sandra Timberland

When Sandra Timberland, a fresh-faced girl from Tennessee, is thrust into the arena of 1980s New York, her ambitions of success seem impossible to achieve. Faced with opposition from a misogynistic society, she must battle twice as hard as any man to be recognised and given the respect and responsibility she craves.

As she negotiates the vagaries of the business world, she travels the globe and gets caught up in a drama on an international stage. From fraud to blackmail, Sandra learns that the business world can be a murky place and coming up against prejudice and the individual will of those intent on destroying her, it will take all her strength to carry on. As she battles to find a way to make her mark on the world, her fight culminates in a surprising sequence of events.

About James Wealden

James Wealden is a retired London City banker who recently started writing. He is well travelled, and during his career witnessed first hand the struggles that women in business face every single day. He is now an advisor to several women’s charities, and this book is based upon many of his personal experiences. He lives in London with his two children.


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