Paris Pourri

Paris Pourri

by Jamie d’Antioc

ParisPourri Cover


Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 604

ISBN: 9780982563717

Price: £14.99





About Paris Pourri

When Jaimeson and Hilary, a keen young American banker and his sweet Irish wife, move to Paris, they are initially dazzled by the City of Lights. The beauty, the romance, the elegance; the strolls along the Seine, the visits to the Opéra, the charming cafés for morning coVee and the candlelit bistros for dinners à deux. It is not long, however, before another side to Paris starts to appear – a cold, hard side, which, before they even know it, has started to pull the couple, and their perfect life, apart.

A charming and witty social comedy, which takes an unflinching look at both the delights and difficulties of life in one of the world’s most romanticised cities. Following the adventures of three expatriate couples there is, in this delightful novel, something for everyone: its subjects ranging from banking to babies, from high courts to haute couture, from Presidents to patisseries. Wry and affectionate, this novel is at once an astute satire of Paris Pourri – rotten Paris – and a celebration of the city’s matchless appeal, written with the insight unique to an author who himself lived in Paris for over two decades.

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc lived in Paris for 22 years, working as the general manager and chairman of various multinational companies. By the nature of his jobs, he observed many expatriate families coming in and out of Paris, and it was the story of four families that inspired him to write this novel. He now devotes much of his time to writing.

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