My Sufi Grandmother

My Sufi Grandmother

by Jamie d’Antioc

 My Sufi Grandmother Cover

Published: 12 June 2015

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 443

ISBN: 9781941634127

Price: £14.99




About My Sufi Grandmother

Nasheed Shahan is a young Turkish boy, raised in Istanbul according to traditional Sufi values by his wise old grandmother. When he comes of age, he decides to leave his homeland to study in the USA, and catches a plane for Chicago. Nasheed thus sets in action a course of events that change his life, very nearly leading to his corruption and downfall. From Chicago to Florida and Paris; through an eventful course of travel, education, and a tormented career path; with fascinating, confused, and downright complicated friends by his side, he navigates a Western life, finding and losing success, fortune, and love. He is watched over from a distance by his Sufi grandmother, and guided by a series of letters from her. But is Nasheed truly in the right place? Will a grandmother’s philosophical influence be enough to help him find his own balance?

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc has lived, worked and travelled worldwide in various capacities, including banker, oilman, and art collector. He is also affiliated with various NGOs, and is an advisor to several universities. Jamie d’Antioc is the author of two published novels about the oil industry, a romantic comedy set in Paris, and the award-winning God’s Cookbook, a collection of recipes based on religious texts. He now lives in London with his children, and devotes the majority of his time to writing.

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