Labour of Love

Labour of Love

by James Eden

Labour of Love Cover

Jemme Mafeze is a young Turkish boy growing up in Istanbul, raised by his Sufi grandmother, who delights in recounting to him the dramatic and noble history of their country. Jemme sits at his grandmother’s feet for hours on end, enraptured by her tales, conjuring up visions of the glories of the old Ottoman Empire. But when he comes of age, Jemme moves to Paris to pursue a high-flying career in international banking, and leaves his Turkish roots behind him. Success comes easy to Jemme, but in spite of his professional and personal achievements, he feels a spiritual void growing in his breast, and makes a decision that will change the course of his life forever: he decides to fulfil his childhood dream of recreating an Ottoman palace as a private museum. He and his family decide to purchase an old French chateau in which to bring this childhood dream to life. However, as the scope of the project widens and the harsh realities of renovating an old stately home become apparent, Jemme quickly finds out that the path to enlightenment is fraught with difficulties. From fraudulent architects with a penchant for exaggerated invoices to pretentious artists with easily bruised egos, Jemme must navigate the stumbling blocks everyone around him casts in his path in order to make his dream come alive – and save his marriage.

About James Eden

During his career, James Eden was responsible for hiring more than two thousand employees around the world, covering the U.S., Europe, the Near East and Asia. Of these employees, several dozen were hired to help him and his family achieve a lifelong ambition – to restore and decorate to the highest standard an old chateau in rural France. His experiences with these employees, and the strain this ambitious project placed on his family relationships, inspired him to pen this, his second novel. Now retired, he devotes much of his time to writing.