Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group

Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group

by James Bode Eden

 DORG front cover


Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 662

ISBN: 9780982563779

Price: £14.99




About Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group

Based on a similar premise to Official Recruitment Guide, Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group tackles the thorny issue of recruiting – and retaining – domestic employees. The trials and tribulations of domestic service are demonstrated through the experiences of the novel’s hero, James Faraday, an American living between London, Kent and Paris. James realises that finding the right kind of person to allow into his home(s) is harder than he thinks, and so he starts his own recruitment agency: the Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group. However, this only entails having more employees who cause him further difficulties. James falls victim to every trick in the book, from theft to blackmail. By the book’s conclusion he has realised that the domestic employees he has hired to save him time and improve his quality of life actually do the opposite. He ends up spending all his time sorting out the various messes they have created, needing to hire more domestic employees to help him do so. The problems increase exponentially, eventually drawing to a close with a surprising conclusion. At times amusing, at times exasperating, Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group allows the reader an insight into life with domestic servants, leaving them to draw their own conclusions about whether or not ‘hired help’ actually ‘helps’.

About James Bode Eden

During his career, James Bode Eden has been responsible for hiring more than 2000 employees around the world, covering the U.S., Europe, the Near East and Asia. From accountants to company presidents he has hired, Mr Eden has developed his understanding of the business world through over 30 years of interaction with his employees. Now retired, he devotes much of his time to writing. Domestic Operatives Recruitment Group is the second of two books devoted to the rigors of hiring and firing, this one focused on domestic employees.


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