Bankers, Brokers & Charlatans

Bankers, Brokers & Charlatans

by Jamie d’Antioc

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Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 505

ISBN: 9780988519619

Price: £14.99




About Bankers, Brokers & Charlatans

The tale of Jimmy-Bob is a cautionary one. Barely a semester into his new life at college, a small-town boy from the dusty backwaters of Texas discovers a secret that will change his life forever. Young and naïve, Jimmy- Bob is asked to pick his way through the murky swamp of the past to try and build himself a future. His newfound mentor is an Italian called Romano, whose wisdom and experience seem ever a trap to ensnare the new protégée. The women in his life, his first love, Tammy-Lynn, and loyal sister, Betsy, are ready to take the plunge with him.

However, when Jimmy-Bob finally begins to find his feet in his new life, the screws slowly begin to work themselves out of the polished woodwork, plunging the entire cast of bankers, brokers and charlatans into a world where no one is honest and anything is possible. From Texas to Washington, Washington to Monaco, Monaco to Switzerland, Jimmy- Bob’s adventures span continents, reminding us that the darker aspects of the banking world affect us on a global scale. Indeed, this novel touches every human’s pocket, for we are all obliged, whether we like it or not, to be in a banking system.

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc has lived, worked and travelled all over the world in various capacities, including banker, oilman, father and art collector. He is also affiliated with various NGOs, and is an advisor to several universities. Jamie d’Antioc is the author of four novels and the award-winning God’s Cook Book, a collection of recipes based on religious texts. He now devotes the majority of his time to writing.

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