Back to Back

Back to Back

by Jamie d’Antioc

 B2B Cover

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 571

ISBN: 9780982563700

Price: £14.99





About Back to Back

Following the price rises in 1973, the race is on to find more oil and cash in. English banker James Tangred and Cameron Russell, an intrepid wildcatter, set out to locate and tap the huge reserves of this black gold – rumored to lie beneath the deserts of a small Middle Eastern country. But as soon as they arrive they realize their mission is not going to be an easy one. Not only do they have to adapt to the whims and caprices of the Kerawani Prince, but they must vie for his favor against a Machiavellian Dutch trader already embedded in the very heart of the Royal Court.

Mia Blanken, the novel’s central character, with a volatile mixture of sexual allure and sharp business sense, has rapidly succeeded in becoming a big player in oil brokerage: when she sets her sights on something, or someone – she gets them.

Blanken picks up the scent of black gold in New York, and she wants in. But her greed may well be her undoing when she decides to break the inviolable trading deal – the ‘back to back’ contract.

With an international scope (from the deserts of Kerawan where the simple life of the nomadic tribesmen is in such stark contrast to the avaricious intentions of Western visitors, to the business centres of New York, London, Geneva, Paris and Houston) Back to Back reveals what really goes on behind the enigmatic façade of the oil trade; how millions are made and lost in minutes – to all intents and purposes, outside of governmental control.

This book uncloaks the business through the story of individuals – some villainous, some heroic, some simply caught in the tide of events – and the dilemmas and dramas attendant to their lives. A novel based on real events, with enthralling developments and dramatic storylines involving sex, murder and the clash of cultures.

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc spent seven years on the board of a major integrated oil company. He has also been the Chairman, President and CEO of several oil-financing banks over the last thirty years. He is still often consulted on oil matters worldwide, but now devotes much of his time to writing.


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