Back to Back II: Mia’s Revenge

Back to Back II: Mia’s Revenge

by Jamie d’Antioc

B2B2 Cover



Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 524

ISBN: 9780982563762

Price: £14.99




About Back to Back II: Mia’s Revenge

In this novel we return to Mia Blanken, the oil-trading heroine of Back to Back. She has just finished testifying against Kurt (the villain of Back to Back), is completely bankrupt, and utterly depressed. Alarmed by her despondency, Mia’s best friend Lisa persuades Mia to get back into the oil business as an independent trader with her own office – and Mia comes up with a new goal. She is going to be the first woman to make a billion dollars.
Her pursuit of this path, however, is soon leading Mia astray. She sleeps with other oil traders to learn their trading secrets, (making major enemies of them en route); fights with Lisa, her only true friend; and develops worrying gambling and drinking habits. At her lowest ebb, Mia even marries a man who won her hand in a gambling bet. It seems nothing can drag Mia out of a downward spiral that sees her gambling with drink, bankruptcy and even death. Can Mia save herself, before it’s too late?

About Jamie d’Antioc

Jamie d’Antioc spent seven years on the board of a major integrated oil company. He has also been the Chairman, President and CEO of several oil-financing banks over the last thirty years. He is still often consulted on oil matters worldwide, but now devotes much of his time to writing.

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