Baba and Burgers

Baba and Burgers

by Gus Cenneta

Baba and Burgers Cover


Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st

Pages: 291

ISBN: 9780988519633

Price: £14.99





About Baba and Burgers

Midan, a Levantine-born financier lives and works in the West but still yearns for the traditions of his childhood in the East. He has brought up his three sons, Tzemlo, Sultan and Dinau, to appreciate aspects of both cultures, but each one has gone his own way. Dinau has maintained strong links to his Eastern heritage, having recently completed a PhD in Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations. Tzemlo, by comparison, has been attracted to the bright lights of Western culture, and the gaudy trappings of corporate wealth. Between the two extremes is Sultan, equally at home in both Britain and Turkey. Sultan and Dinau set up a kebab shop in Antioch’s old town, only to discover their direct competition across the street is a newly opened branch of the American fast-food chain Burger Pit-Stop. To add insult to injury, the Western restaurant is under the management of their now near-estranged brother Tzemlo. Will Tzemlo learn that there’s more to life than making money? And will the brothers be able to reconcile their differences before it’s too late? From Davos to London, and then Antioch, Baba and Burgers is a light-hearted novel about the East-West dichotomy as played out in the microcosm of this one family.

About Gus Cenneta

Gus Cenneta is a widely travelled author who, in the course of his journeys, has made many observations about Eastern countries. This is his first novel about the East-West influence. He lives in London with his children.

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